Last week, NFC host Denim

In the end, Eric Eblon and Hilton thrived in the 12th game last week and created a TD privilege record that made him fall behind Marvin Harrison’s orders in 2001 and 2004. Condition XTRA 1 Dallas finished third in the NFL (86.8 yards per game), and Indianapolis ranked eighth (102.9) .2. In the last five games, Liu Hayen of the Cowboys has run into problems. Dallas has participated in the last three games, including 42 wins and 7 losses in 2014. Fortunately, he was intercepted at 109 yards and twice, and then eliminated in the third quarter.

Last week, NFC host Denim beat Philadelphia 29-23 and won five games in a row. They took another monster from another great Amari Cooper, who received 217 yards in his career and landed three times, one of which was overtime.

“I almost thought I would say that we were surprised by this deal,” defender Duck Prescott told reporters that Cooper was acquired in the middle of the season, while the latter won in six games. 642 yards match the team. “So I think that if you say it when you trade, what’s the problem? Then he sees that everything becomes reality, we are very happy. ” Colts know everything.

Air and defender Andrew Luck scored an important victory in Houston 24-21 last week, and he collected big yards. After two or more games, he scored 34 points and scored the second and 399 yards. As a result, this victory allowed the Indianapolis AFC live and live broadcast because it looks like a three-year drought in the playoffs. Coach Frank Reich said in an interview with Houston: “I have confidence this week.” “What’s better?

About Cuba (8-5): Ezekiel Elliott (NFL, formerly 1262 yards) has 155 catches in the last five games, including 40 seasons last season, which was blocked this week due to shoulder problems.

The team said that on Wednesday they did not attend training as a “day of service.” For the third year, professional players must prepare for defense. Each time they attacked 3.8 yards, the league ranked sixth in the 14th week. After the arrival of Cooper, Prescott walked 455 yards to the Hawks and completed 74.1% of the passage.

About the grid (7-6): about half of 399 yards of luck against Texas entered the star T. Ya. In the last four games, Hilton received an average of 8.3 catches and 139 yards. However, Hilton – the fifth time in his career, he needed 14 yards to reach 1000 yards – missed a workout this week due to an ankle injury caused by a shoulder problem last week. “